About Us

Welcome to a world of knowledge that has more than 60 years’ worth of experience! We are your dedicated partner in navigating the ever-evolving recruitment landscape.

Our journey through the recruitment industry has been highlighted by remarkable milestones, allowing us to anticipate shifts in trends and conquer challenges with finesse. We offer you the culmination of this experience, tailored to your success.

Our skill set is as diverse as the clients we have supported. From strategic planning that propels your business forward, to talent acquisition plans that unveil hidden gems, we’ve mastered the art of sculpting winning attraction strategies.

Iain Geddes – Director

Mark Lynch – Director

Phil Taylor – Marketing

We’ve worked with organisations of all sizes – startups brimming with potential and multinational giants driving innovation. This equips us with an unparalleled understanding of the distinct needs that arise at different growth stages.  We are uniquely positioned to help you thrive, no matter where you stand.

Our adaptability is our secret weapon – leveraging insights to forge recruitment solutions that work for you.

We believe that recruitment isn’t just a transaction – it’s a transformation.