Internal Recruitment Review

This article may have a “Poacher turns game-keeper” feel to it

It’s meant to!!

We are recruiters – yes

BUT, here we want to help you improve your internal recruitment processes and systems., so you don’t have to use us!!

We get that Agency hiring can be expensive and managing it in-house should be an effective way of countering that cost.

If your current solution is working for you then great! 

If it’s not, then you are probably frustrated and more than a bit disappointed. You may be considering going back to external agencies and starting over again.


It’s highly likely that your internal processes and systems just need to be tweaked a little (or perhaps a lot.)

To attract the best people, you need to know where they are, how to find them and how to approach them and you need to be an attractive option.  Sounds easy in principle but in the real world………it isn’t.

That’s where we come in – we offer a complete review of your current systems and processes.  We engage with all the stakeholders. Provide a written report with recommendations and road maps and with many many years of recruitment experience (Grey hair to prove it) we are confident that we know the business of recruitment best practice.  And we want to make that knowledge work for you.

Once completed and implemented you will have the tools and processes in place to deliver a cost-effective solution that takes the pressure off and helps you find the right talent for your business now and in the future without the cost of external recruiters.

We will work with you to design and implement recruitment solutions that add value to your business. And because we know that recruitment is an ongoing process, we’ll continuously adapt our approach to meet your changing needs.

Our mission at CM Resources is to make hiring as easy and risk-free for our clients. as possible. We believe that by engaging with us, you can save time and money while finding the best talent out there.

So why not book a call with us today? Let’s see how we can help your business attract and retain the top talent.