Permanent Recruitment

Our targeted and project specific approach ensures we deliver the best results for our clients. Those candidates with the hard to find skills are not placing their CV’s or profiles on databases and waiting to be found.

We will actively seek out those people on your behalf.

Contract Recruitment

We have over 30 years worth of experience of providing contract and interim resources. Our extensive range of connections allows us to access numerous short and medium solutions for your contracting needs. CM Resources will ensure legislative compliance dependent upon your circumstances.

Internal Recruitment Review

We get that hiring can be expensive and managing it in-house can be seen as the most effective way of countering that cost.

If your current solution is working for you then great!  If it’s not, then you will probably be feeling disappointed and feel like going back to external agencies is your only option.  DON’T do that.  It’s highly likely that your internal processes and systems just need to be tweaked a little (or perhaps a lot.)